Wednesday, December 06, 2006

'Parking Spot Stalkers'

This is one of those things at the holidays that just irritates the crap out of me. People who will 'stalk' you, in their cars, as you are walking from stores to your vehicle. Which is kind of scary, in a sense.

Even if your spot is still a mile away from the entrance, because apparently the empty spots a yard away are too far for their lazy asses, they will stalk you. And then they sit there, with their blinker on, staring you down in your rear-view mirror, as you adjust yourself, buckle your seatbelt, whatever you do when you first get in the car. and they have left you thismuch room in which you are supposed to back up and turn.

I drive a Jeep. it's not a small, cute little compact that can make tight, nimble little turns. It's also not the smaller of its brethren, the Wrangler or the Liberty. No. It's a Grand Cherokee. I'm a really good driver. I know how to drive the big SUV I own. Nonetheless, I NEED room to back up. So back up. Give me some room. Better yet, find a new spot.

'Cuz I just realized that I 'forgot' somehing in the store, and am going to re-park my car in its cozy spot which you so desperately covet, turn it off, get out, and walk away. Laughing.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Here Come the Holidays...


I love the holidays. Christmas lights, good cheer, happiness, parties. All of it. Even the crowded malls...Well, except for when you run into the random cranky-pants-asshole who needs a good bitch slap. But anyway. There are a couple of things about the holidays that drive me
IN-FUCKING-SANE...Here, I will address one of them...

Phone calls. Yes, at the office. Especially the frantic, last-minute, "ohmygodI'mgoingonvacationandIforgotthedogwasgoingtothekennelandheNEEDShiskennelcough"
Ya. First off, oops, your bad. Now, I'm not an uncaring soul. If I have room in the schedule, I am more than happy to accomodate people. I do the best I can. And when I can't, people get nasty. "What do you mean you don't have any openings? It's just a quick visit, just for a shot" Um, no shit, Sherlock, but the schedule is PACKED as it is. Or, "Dr. isn't in? Well, can you do it?" No. Unfortunately, I cannot. "Well then what good are you?" Well, asshole, even if I could vaccinate your dog, now I won't. Just on principle.

Anyway...That's all for now. More on the phone fun later...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a Great Day...

Well, maybe not for everyone. But for me it is. Simply because I found out that Britney Spears has finally decided to Kick Kevin Federline's under-employed, overly fertile ass to the curb!! Woo-Hoo!!

*I'm actually having kind of a bad day...No sleep for the last few nights, annoying, never-ending phone calls, but this made me feel better. Kind of.*

See...There is hope for girls everywhere who are dating bums, let alone married to them!! C'mon girls, reclaim your class! Step out of the gutter and stop living as white trash!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Receptionist Rants: Part I

Now, in my intro post, I threw in a line about how some parts of my job frustrate me to no end. One of those things is people who feel the need to argue with me. Now, I didn't go to vet school. Hell, I never even went to college, but I still know what the hell I'm doing. If I tell you that I thing you need to bring Fido elsewhere to be examined, please take my advice. I really only have Fidos best ineterest at heart. Example:

*ring* Me:Good afternoon, Dr So & So's office.
Client: Hi there...I need to make an appointment for my precious bag of fur. I think she has some sort of an infection.
Me: Ok, why is it that you think precious has an infection?
Client: Well, the skin on her nose is kind of greenish-looking. And it smells kind of bad.
Me: How long has this been going on? *closes eyes and waits for it*
Client: A couple of weeks or so, I guess. I've been cleaning it with peroxide, but it just seems to be getting worse, not better.
Me: *sighing internally* Well, Dr X is out of the office for the remainder of the week.
Client: *interrupting* Oh, that's ok, it's been this long, what's a few more days?
Me: Well, given that Precious' nose is kind of green and smells, I really freel it would be in her best ineterest to be seen sooner than that. Here, take this number down, it's our referral service. They will see you much sooner than we can.
Client: Oh, I'd much rather wait. Why don't I just schedule something with you for next week?
Me: Um, I really feel it's in Precious' best interests not to wait until then. She really needs to be on oral antibiotics, and I think that the sooner she can be started on that, the better.
Client: Well, I'll call them, and see what they have available, but I'd still like to schedule something with you. You know, just in case.
Me: *knowing that 'just in case' means 'I'm not going to even bother trying' Ok, that's fine.

And sure enough, the people came in the following week, with the dog, who had a massive infection on its nose. And sure enough, the dog needed to be on antibiotics. I asked the owner, jokingly of course, if she had been unable to get an appointment...Her response: 'Oh, I tried, but they didn't have anything open.' Which I know is a crock, because they are a pseudo-emergency facility, well-staffed with Drs, techs and residents. And, my boss did tell her that she should have gotten the dog seen sooner than it was.

The lesson here: The receptionist usually knows what she's talking about. Listen and don't argue.

100 Things

So I know this is going to be kinda lame, but I've seen this on a few blogs...

100. I have lived on the East coast my entire life
99. I've been to the West coast once.
98. I think people who name their pets 'D.O.G'(pronouncing each letter individually), or 'Kitty' are unimaginative and should not own pets.
97. It drives me nuts when people assume that I am here to watch their kids. I am not a babysitter. I actually have work to do.
96. I LOVE kids.
95. But can't stand bratty, whiny, spoiled kids with bad manners.
94. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people chew with their mouths open. And make noise.
93. I like my martinis extra dirty, with three olives please.
92. My favorite drink is red wine.
91. But I also like draft beer, and mixed drinks. Especially margaritas.
90. I just started cooking within the last year and a half.
89. But I am really good.
88. I love my sisters now as much as I hated them once upon a time.
87. Mom really is right about 99% of the time.
86. I belive in Fate and Karma.
85. I have a cat that I love more than life itself.
84. I am definitely more a cat person than a dog person.
83. I broke one of my own personal rules when I met my boyfriend: Don't date co-workers.
82. That was over two years ago.
81. I have had 3 or 4 jobs since then.
80. I used to be a big-time party girl.
79. At times, I miss the girl I used to be.
78. But then I think about how much better things are now.
77. I have a lot of spare time at work.
76. I actually fell asleep at my desk a few times.
75. I didn't go to college.
74. I'm o.k. with that.
73. I bought my first Jeep a few years ago.
72. I'll never drive anything but a Jeep ever again.
71. I'm an extremely loyal person.
70. The most scared I have ever been was driving to my surgeons office to get the results of a biopsy of a breast lump.
69. Thank God, I don't have cancer.
68. I almost cried the first time my oldest niece called me Auntie.
67. She's 4 now, and I want to cry because she's growing up too fast.
66. She is not whiny, bratty or spoiled.
65. I think parents should be allowed to spank their own kids, and the government should just stay out of it.
64. I'm not saying parents should beat their kids to a bloody pulp, but there is nothing wrong with spanking.
63. I got my first job when I was 9.
62. I cleaned stalls to pay for riding lessons.
61. I can't wait for ski season to start.
60. And I can't wait for it to be summer again.
59. I hate going to the gym.
58. But I hate(d) being fat more.
57. The office phone has only rung once in the last 3 hours.
56. I still have 1 hour and 55 minutes.
55. I HATE bad drivers.
54. Like the people who hurry up to cut you off, and then drive slow.
53. And the ones who slam on their brakes and THEN use their directional.
52. And the ones who don't understand the concept of turning right on red.
51. I have a pretty serious caffeine addiction.
50. I usually skip breakfast because I don't want food to delay the caffeine getting into my bloodstream.
49. I hate when people just show up at the office to pick up medicines. Please call first.
48. Especially when the just show up at the very last minute on a Friday afternoon, when I am getting ready to lock up and leave.
47. I think people who neglect their animals should be beaten and left outside to fend for themselves, just so they understand how bad it is.
46. If I had the money, I would open a no-kill shelter.
45. I am a BIG spay/neuter advocate.
44. I think people who spend money on 'Designer' dogs are morons.
43. Why don't they just adopt a mutt from a shelter? It's the same thing.
42. And then donate the left over money.
41. I have no patience for stupid people.
40. I enjoy talking to intelligent people.
39. I just reconnected with someone I haven't spoken to in over 10 years.
38. And it's like we never stopped talking.
37. We still finish each others' sentences.
36. My best friend is probably the only person on this planet who knows everything about me.
35. She knows more about e than my boyfriend does.
34. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.
33. Each one of them has taught me a thing or two.
32. Surprisingly, I have very few regrets.
31. I am a pretty independent person.
30. But deep down inside, I just want to be a 50's housewife.
29. I don't trust people who don't like animals.
28. I would rather deal with cat hair everywhere than have an immaculate house.
27. I don't undertsand the concept of having an outdoor cat.
26. My cat is terrified of the outdoors, unless he is safely on the inside of a window, looking out.
25. I think animals are the best judges of character in the world.
24. I still remember the first time I talked to my boyfriend.
23. I am head over heels in love with him.
22. I used to be a big Diet Coke junkie.
21. Then I got worried about staining my teeth.
20. Now I'm a Diet Mountain Dew junkie.
19. My favorite snack is chips(black bean flavored tortilla from the Guiltless Gourmet) and Queso cheese dip. YUM!
18. My favorite beer in Harpoon Raspberry Hefeweizen.
17. My dream vacation(s) are: Ireland, Italy, and somewhere tropical.
16. I want to have a fairly un-traditional wedding.
15. I'm not a lesbian.
14. But I think gays and lesbians should be allowed to get married.
13. I have a voracious appetite for books.
12. All kinds: Historical, drama, romance, suspense, true crime...
11. Wow, I can't believe I've gotten this far!
10. An hour and a half left!
9. My favorite ice cream flavor is Cherry Garcia.
8. I am pro-hoice.
7. I think crying is therapeutic.
6. Being humbled is good for you once in a while.
5. I have a tendency to over-analyze things.
4. I have a short temper.
3. But I get over it just as quickly.
2. I don't believe in physical violence.
1. I think people should view life as the greatest gift they have been given, and not waste it.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well, I've never done this before, but have decided I need an outlet in life, other than ranting at my boyfriend on a regular basis. So, I've decided to join the blog-o-sphere. I hope you, whoever you, enjoy reading about me, my life and my work. I am sure that there will be occasional vulgarity, so if you're easily offended, please be aware of that. :-) Sorry in advance...

Now, a little bit about myself:

I am a twenty-something female with a wonderful boyfriend and a job I love. Working for a small animal clinic is a source of deep happiness for me, and can also be a source of deep frustration. I have lived in the same small town on the east coast for the vast majority of my life. I am one of the kindest people you could ever hope to meet, but have a foul temper when I'm angry. I could be your daughter, sister, next door neighbor, or best friend.